Jumbo Mortgages​

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Jumbo Purchase

Up to $5 million + call for your unique situation. Collateral – Residential property, Condo’s, Puds, Townhomes and 2-4 Units. Income Qualifying- W2’s or Self-Employed Bank statements, 1099 | Other unique income options available. Please call for details. Foreign Investor welcome on this program.

Jumbo Refinance

Loan Amounts up to $4M Qualifying – Self Employed Bank statements, No Income / Employment..Call with your scenario.  Investor – Positive cash flow properties, Asset Qualifying – those with High Cash Liquidity and Even those outside of regular qualifying guidelines.  I/O available with a 650+ FICO C/O available with no max cash in hand depending on LTV No reserve requirements < 75% LTV  C/O proceeds can be used for reserves > 75% LTV  2nd homes OK Investment Properties OK Foreign National Investor OK

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