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Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers

Thinking about buying your first property?

Did you know if you have had no interest in a Property for 3 years, you may qualify for a 1st Time Homebuyer program? As your Primary Residence you can put as Little as 3% down and enjoy the home you and your family always dreamed of.
*Home Possible- (More ways to get your home) Affordable Income & Property Eligibility If your property is eligible and you fall into the income bracket, you may also qualify for a loan with as little as 3% down on a Single-family residence. If you have a 2-4 units’ opportunity you may qualify for as little as 15% down. All loans subject to full Lenders underwriting guidelines, and current market requirement and conditions. * Affordable Income & Property Eligibility.
*Home Ready – Are you ready for your Next Home or 2-4 Units This loan opportunity is for Income eligible Homebuyers…This unique product is full of opportunities for single family residence or if Units occupying a unit and getting income on the other units.
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Experienced Home Owners

Customers Love the fact that once they decide to work with us, they know that they can Rest. Knowing we are now going to work for them and that we have access to Sources of Wholesale. Lenders the banks do not have, and the public has no access to.
When You Consider Borrowing See which of these categories you fall into:
One of these Income options can Get you or help you Stay in your home:

  • Full Income Documentation W2’s
  •  1040’s
  • 12 /24 mos Bank Statements
  • 1099
  • Or Asset Depletion?
  • Limited or Hard to prove Income.

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